Bargaining… not always

Indian Vegetable Vendor

I have seen people do not think about twice while paying for any item its full MRP  (and sometimes over priced) while shopping at super market or mall. But the same people would bargain for very little amount from a street vendor. Very often they would buy not-so-fresh vegetables over priced at a super market. But if they would happen to buy vegetables from a street vendor even if they are fresh, they would hard bargain and of course boast about their bargaining skill and how much money they have saved. If we are buying from a super market chain, we are just adding to their profit, but if we are buying from local street vendors, we are supporting their livelihood. I’m not saying bargaining is a bad thing. But the skill should be applied where it is necessary but not to squeeze little profit margins of the poor vendors.

There is another economical and human side to this also. If we start buying things like vegetables from the weekly vegetable market in our locality, not only we’ll get fresh vegetables in low price but also help these vendors financially. It will help us grow a personal human touch. I used to go with my wife on Sunday mornings to buy veggies from our weekly local market. During my wife’s absence (due to pregnancy and subsequent maternity period) I go alone to buy. Many vendors ask about my wife and enquire about her health. When buying some vegetables if I don’t have change to give the vendor simply tells me to carry on buying other vegetables and pay later. This trust and personal touch we can’t find in malls and super markets.

I know many among us have personally experienced it. 🙂 Do post your comments.


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