The Tragedy and the Fiasco

Note: This is my thought about the whole Jiah Khan after-suicide-drama that I’m analyzing here after two months of the incident.

I really liked Jiah Khan’s debut performance in Nishabd (although the movie was a disaster creatively as well as financially. I’ll discuss about it later). I was shocked to know about her death at such a young age. That day I came to know about her relationship with Suraj Pancholi and the bitter breakup which “supposedly” led her to take such drastic step. Of course I feel sad about her like every one.

But the drama followed for weeks kept me hooked to the news sites for updates. I was bigger shocked by the way police handled the whole situation and put the young man behind the bars for more than three weeks. Love and break-ups are not very uncommon between young people now-a-days. By the time they would realize the true meaning of love, they would have been experienced break-ups several times. By saying this I’m not making a mockery of the relationship the couple (Jiah-Suraj) shared. What I mean to say that, how can Police made Suraj solely responsible for her suicide and arrested him. He certainly not put a gun on Jiah’s head made her suicide. She definitely has other options rather than to end her life.

The whole media and of course her mother’s antiques made Suraj a villain out of nothing. She got all the sympathy and he became the most hated lover boy overnight. The police strangely acted very swiftly (as in some celebrity cases) and put him in bars. I wonder if the opposite had happened (Suraj suicides because of a breakup with Jiah), the police would have acted in same manner (put her in jail). If Suraj is guilty then why not her mother who failed to guide her in a right way.

Lets be logical and hope our police too act logical.


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