The Mockery of Poverty

Last week will be long remembered in Indian political history when three elected representatives of people made mockery of poverty and the people who elected them. What might have started as a slip of tongue or an emotional outburst to save the dipping fortunes of the rulling UPA from opposition attack, a not-so-successful-actor-turned-politician anounced that one can have a “full meal at Rs 12 in Mumbai” even today. He was referring to below poverty line (BPL) families. Even before we could react on this absurd laughable comment, another leader of the rulling party went down further and declared one can have a meal at Rs. 5 at Jama Masjid area of New Delhi (Thank God at least he narrowed down to a small area :D). The very next day another veteran leader of the coalition ally finally settled at Rs. 1 (may be he couldn’t able to go down further :D), that will be enough for a full meal. As usual the UPA washed its hand by saying the comments are personal and doesn’t reflect govt’s view.

These so called representatives of people have done nothing, but what we call “Pet pe laat marna” – a cruel joke to the poor common man. It is irony that the country is at helm of three so called great economists (the chairman of Planning Commission, the Finance Minister & the Prime Minister) who doesn’t understand the basic household economy.

Whom should we blame? Obviously we the voters should be blamed who have elected these shameless people to represent us. In democracy we get our chance only once in 5 years. Lets’s not waste this chance again. Let’s teach these corrupted leaders a lesson in next election. Please cast your precious votes judiciously.


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