Wait & Buy Wise

Many people purchase cell phone, automobiles immediately after launch as if they were waiting for ages. They are eager to try their hand at a new product. Obviously money doesn’t come in between these buyers. The following points describe why it is not always a wise idea to jump for it.

Windows 98
Windows 98 was soon followed by Windows 98 SE (Second Edition) because the original version was glitched with many bugs. Windows 98 SE included fixes for many minor issues came with lots of improvement. Source

Tata Indica
When first launched, the Indica prompted many complaints from early purchasers, who claimed that the vehicle did not deliver horsepower and mileage as promised. In response to the customer complaints, Tata Motors re-engineered the internals of the car and launched it as Indica V2 (version 2). Source

Tata Nano
There were reports of several fire incidents involving the earlier Nano. Later the company made several improvements & extended the warranty on the car. Source

iPhone 4
Shortly after the iPhone 4 was launched, some consumers reported loss of signal strength while normal usage. Apple acknowledged the issue and improved the design and fixed bugs later. Source

There are many similar cases across different product categories.

Going by the above examples it is certain if we avoid immediate purchase of a newly launched Electronics or Autmobile we may avoid certain technical issues which most likely to be solved later. There is an economic side also. Prices of most high end mobiles are likely to come down after the initial buzz is over and it will be widely available to purchase.

As there are two sides of every arguement, there is also an disadvantage of deferring an early purchase. One might miss the early bird goodies and launching offers which might not be available for late buyers.


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