Flipkart… Delivering Delight!

flipkartI’m going to write about my first shopping experience with India’s leading e-commerce site, Flipkart. From the title of this post, I have given hint that it was a delight to shop with the e-shopper. I can’t resist to the temptation for a festive shopping, especially for an electronic item. After carefully comparing different e-commerce sites and physical brick-mortar stores, I found the particular model of Tablet not only lowest priced at Flipkart but also bundled with a complimentary gift; not to mention easy and convenient payment options. I ordered Lenovo A3000 at 11:58 am & checked the order status which promised the delivery between 2-3 days. I was sure that Flipkart would deliver in less than that. I kept on monitoring the order status which were being updated in real time, from order desk to ware house to depot. By evening it showed the item is already dispatched from Bangalore. I was sure that it will be delivered by next day. Next day morning I again checked the status. It showed that the item has reached Hitech City hub at Hyderabad and would be delivered on same day. I googled the Hitech City hub and the result was kinda shocking. Some disgruntled customers had complained about poor delivery schedule of Flipkart in some consumer forums. I became little worried. I kept telling myself that it wouldn’t happen with me. The delivery address was my office. At office I discussed about the Tablet with my manager who also looking for similar deal. I suggested Flipkart. But before ordering from e-commerce site we decided that it would be better if we visit any physical store and experience the look and feel of the real tablet. So we had taken a break and gone to visit some stores. Before leaving my office I informed our security guy about the arrival of my package. We left office at 11:53 am and returned around 12:30 pm. And to my surprise the package got delivered in my absence, thanks to the Flipkart’s swift service and in-house logistics delivery system.

I received SMS alert that the item is delivered at my office address and received by our security guy Ravi. I was delighted at their quick delivery, real time update of the order status at their site and of course they have noted the name of the person whom they had delivered in my absence. It was a pleasant first time experience at Flipkart.

However the same cannot be said about other sites. Few months back I had ordered a newly launched mobile from Snapdeal, a Flipkart rival, which reached me after 4 days of ordering. When someone orders from Flipkart, it shows the delivery time (usually 2-3 days) but on Snapdeal it shows dispatch time (usually 3-4 days). That’s the basic difference between the two, not to mention 30 days return policy of FK versus 7 days of SD. The order status of Snapdeal had only two updates, when it dispatched and when it got delivered, nothing in between.

Here I would like mention about my experience of another e-commerce player in India, eBay. After I ordered the Lenovo A3000, I realized there was no custom made casing listed on Flipkart (shame on you FK). I was not sure if I can get any at local market which would fit my Tab perfectly. So after searching on net I came across one at eBay. I ordered it and the delivery address was my office address. After 4 days, the courier guy came to deliver after my office hours and left without delivering. I had to call the courier company next day and requested them to deliver at office hours. I received it after 5 days of ordering. I would not like to mention the quality of the case. It was very cheap built and below my expectation. I should have bought a generic 7” Tab casing from local market.

In past before the eCommerce boom in India, I had shopping experience with Rediff, Indiatimes and the erstwhile Fab Mart (Indiaplaza). the experience was not comparable to current scenario where Cash on Delivery (COD) rules and payment can be made in multiple easy methods.

So in nutshell Flipkart is best in my recent online shopping experience. (P.S. I have not been paid by Flipkart to write this, but I would love like to :D)


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