Weird Handsets

This compilation lists some of ugly and weird handsets. Some manufacturers ignore usability and aesthetics and create products just to prove their design & technical superiority resulting an ugly piece of hardware. Bang & Olufsen Serene: Bang and Olufsen primarily make home audio components that both sound great and are visually appealing. But for some… Continue reading Weird Handsets

Nokia… down the memory lane

For many tech analysts the news of Microsoft buying Nokia’s device business was not surprising. They forecasted it long before. But I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. The Lumia line up is doing pretty good although not at par of their Android or iPhone counterparts. They just announced some S40 feature phones with… Continue reading Nokia… down the memory lane

Wait & Buy Wise

Many people purchase cell phone, automobiles immediately after launch as if they were waiting for ages. They are eager to try their hand at a new product. Obviously money doesn’t come in between these buyers. The following points describe why it is not always a wise idea to jump for it. Windows 98 Windows 98… Continue reading Wait & Buy Wise

My Digital Journey… so far

Note: This is about my personal experience of using various gadgets over the years and their quality & brand value. Year 2006: My first cell phone was the humble Sony Ericsson J300i. Apart from robust build quality and loud & clear speaker, it served me all basic tasks like calling & messaging very well. Also… Continue reading My Digital Journey… so far