15 Communal Questions to ‘The Secular Bollywood’

Originally posted on Buddha in A Traffic Jam:
Yesterday, certain Bollywood personalities led by my very dear friend and renowned scriptwriter Anjum Rajabali, issued an appeal to public at large. In their appeal, simply put, they have warned us that India is in grave danger from divisive and communal forces led by a ‘man-they-won’t-name’ (read Modi).…

National Security vs. Personal Privacy

There are always two sides of any story. In good old days we trusted our postal dept. to deliver our messages across. The postcards, telegrams all were open. Even the expensive trunk calls, registered post were done with the help of an intermediate person. Slowly the mode of communication evolved. From automated phone lines to… Continue reading National Security vs. Personal Privacy

The Mockery of Poverty

Last week will be long remembered in Indian political history when three elected representatives of people made mockery of poverty and the people who elected them. What might have started as a slip of tongue or an emotional outburst to save the dipping fortunes of the rulling UPA from opposition attack, a not-so-successful-actor-turned-politician anounced that… Continue reading The Mockery of Poverty

The Tragedy and the Fiasco

Note: This is my thought about the whole Jiah Khan after-suicide-drama that I’m analyzing here after two months of the incident. I really liked Jiah Khan’s debut performance in Nishabd (although the movie was a disaster creatively as well as financially. I’ll discuss about it later). I was shocked to know about her death at… Continue reading The Tragedy and the Fiasco