My Digital Journey… so far

Note: This is about my personal experience of using various gadgets over the years and their quality & brand value. Year 2006: My first cell phone was the humble Sony Ericsson J300i. Apart from robust build quality and loud & clear speaker, it served me all basic tasks like calling & messaging very well. Also… Continue reading My Digital Journey… so far

The Mockery of Poverty

Last week will be long remembered in Indian political history when three elected representatives of people made mockery of poverty and the people who elected them. What might have started as a slip of tongue or an emotional outburst to save the dipping fortunes of the rulling UPA from opposition attack, a not-so-successful-actor-turned-politician anounced that… Continue reading The Mockery of Poverty

The Tragedy and the Fiasco

Note: This is my thought about the whole Jiah Khan after-suicide-drama that I’m analyzing here after two months of the incident. I really liked Jiah Khan’s debut performance in Nishabd (although the movie was a disaster creatively as well as financially. I’ll discuss about it later). I was shocked to know about her death at… Continue reading The Tragedy and the Fiasco

Bargaining… not always

I have seen people do not think about twice while paying for any item its full MRP  (and sometimes over priced) while shopping at super market or mall. But the same people would bargain for very little amount from a street vendor. Very often they would buy not-so-fresh vegetables over priced at a super market.… Continue reading Bargaining… not always